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NHSO Power

The NHSO and Discount Power, Inc., a leading supplier of low-cost electricity in Connecticut, have launched a strategic partnership of their joint program for generating on-going donations to the organization while saving donors, volunteers and supporters up to 20% on the cost of their electricity.

When donors enroll through www.NHSOPower.com for savings on their electricity and, for as long as you remain enrolled in the program, your participation generates monthly donations directly to the NHSO. A portion of each kilowatt hour of revenue generated each month through the program will be donated to the NHSO by Discount Power. Participants in the program enjoy the same cost savings available to all Discount Power variable-rate customers.

Enrollment in the program is easy, and completely risk free. There are no fees, no credit checks, and electricity
continues to be delivered and serviced by the utilities, CL&P and UI. Discount Power provides the generation of utilities only (denoted on your electric bill as Supplier). There is no change in monthly billing or in the service except for the lower cost of electricity. In order to enroll, go to www.NHSOPower.com. Once enrolled, members typically see savings within 30 days of their meter reading date.

Discount Power will also provide competitive bids for their services to all commercial clients.

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